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This is a dota 2 fan-made fighting game. Play as Juggernaut against another Juggernaut. You can play either against a human opponent or against AI.



Player 1
W - Up
A - Left
S - Down
D - Right
J - Punch
U - Kick
I - Weapon Light
O - Weapon Heavy

Player 2
Up Arrow - Up
Left Arrow - Left
Down Arrow - Down
Right Arrow - Right
Numpad 1 - Punch
Numpad 4 - Kick
Numpad 5 - Weapon Light
Numpad 6 - Weapon Heavy


Special Moves:
Assuming your opponent is to your right
Down > Right > Weapon = Bladefury
Down > Left > Weapon = Blade Dance

You can slowly move left and right during Bladefury.
Heavy Bladefury's last attack will knockdown the opponent on hit, but it has a long recovery time, and will leave you open for punishment if its blocked.
Light Bladefury can be made safe if you position yourself correctly, but deals less damage overall.
Light Blade Dance is an overhead attack.
Heavy Blade Dance provides invulnerability on startup.


Most normal attacks can be cancelled into special attacks when they hit the opponent. Crouching weapon heavy and jumping attacks are exceptions to this.
Most normal attacks can be cancelled into higher level normal attacks (punches into kicks, kicks into weapon light, weapon light into weapon heavy). Standing punch and jumping punch can be cancelled into itself.
Crouching punch and crouching weapon light can be cancelled into a jump.


Dotafight 1.0.rar 221 MB

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